Porcelain—White Gold

Porcelain is a highly valued material thanks to its pure white color, its remarkable translucent quality, and its especially high durability and hardness.

An unforgiving material, any mistake in manufacturing will become apparent throughout the firing process. A successful outcome is therefore a lengthy process, requiring highly experienced, expert craftspeople, and above all, great patience.

Part of a process requiring up to ten stages, the porcelain used in our products is shaped in a molten state, fired twice at above 1400 degrees Celsius, and polished in between. Hard porcelain is pure white in color, but glows golden when illuminated, producing a warm light and ambiance.

Porcelain is a material we’re all familiar with. Using it daily in cups and plates, we all know how resilient it is. Porcelain can withstand years of being cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand using detergent.