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Cordula Kafka

Porcelain combined with light forms the foundation of our work.

From our Berlin based studio, new ideas arise and are developed from prototyping through to implementation. The final objects, whether one-offs or part of a small series, are made by hand using traditional techniques, in combination with newly developed manufacturing methods.

To ensure high quality and smooth production, we are organized in a well-functioning network with other German manufacturers, and we have been collaborating closely with KPM Berlin from the beginning. Technically demanding products are realized in cooperation with German lamp manufacturers and light technicians, created with porcelain as the main protagonist, resulting in the highest quality, sophisticated lighting solutions. 


Kafka has for the last fifteen years created small editions and bespoke pieces for private residences, hotels and restaurants for clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, The UK, Morocco, USA und Hong Kong.